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Tasty Combo!

Can't decide which one to buy? Are you weening your lil one off of dried meaworms onto Tasty Grubs?  Maybe you just like having a choice?  This combo is your soultion!

You will receive 1 x 16oz Tasty Grubs and 1 x 16oz Tasty Dried Mealworms. Both come in resealable bags.


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Chicken Crack

my five girls LOVE the Grubs and meal worms! They have had meal worms from another brand before, but this was the first time they had tasted the Grubs and I honestly don't know which they love more...great for hand feeding and bonding with my feather ladies!

Great for broody hens

I have 3 broody Buff Orp hens that have been glued to their nests for 2 months. Every morning I get them off the nest and make them eat. I mix Black Soldier larvae and meal worms encourage with layer pellets and toss out and the girls go nuts! Everyone else gets some too. All I have to do is shake the bag and I am mobbed