Buy all natural quality GMO-FREE dried mealworms from a trusted small business without sacrificing nutrition, your pets health or your families health.

Tasty Worms Nutrition has a proven track record of selling quality dried insects. We NEVER switch mealworm growers looking for the cheapest price with every shipment.  That's why we've been working with the same dried mealworm grower for over 6 years!

Quality First!  As a licensed and insured business, we comply with FDA food storage and handling guidelines. Tasty Worms has been providing quality products for over eight years.  Our products must meet our strict processing requirements be being offered to our clients.

Wild Birds love them too! Dried mealworms are perfect for bluebirds, wrens, chickadees, thrashers, tufted titmouse an blue jays. And we can't forget about reptiles, hedgehogs, fish and sugar gliders!  

Guaranteed Analysis: 100% All Natural Dried Mealworms, 53% Protein, 28% Fat, 6% Fiber, 5% Moisture

Made in China exclusively for Tasty Worms Nutrition Inc.

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Happy Bluebirds

Always like the dried mealworms for our bluebird feeder. Bought a 5-lb for $39.95 on a flash sale and see they are now 36.99 on another flash sale.. Don't need another 5 lb yet, however.

Fantastic products

Hi, I have 2 pet skunks & sugar gliders. They love your worms & grubs...the skunks paw me for 2nds.. You ship super fast, we will be a customer for life Thank you so much


I feed to bluebirds, and my chickens are crazy about them, would rate them a ten!

Love the worms!

Love the worms, hate USPS. They never delivered my worms. But Tastyworms re-sent the order at no cost, by Fedex Ground. It got here last week, no problem. The weakest link in the online busying systems is the delivery. I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in LA, USPS is useless.

Best Blue Bird feed

BLUE birds flock to these dry worms.

Make your chicks Happy and glad to see you

Chickens love these and they're good for them makes them happy and you get more eggs

Make your chicks Happy and glad to see you

Chickens love these and they're good for them makes them happy and you get more eggs

Chickens and the Wild Birds

I have backyard chickens and every morning I make them a pie dish with your grubs on the bottom then a mixture of these mealworms, oatmeal and chicken scratch feed than a topping of crushed oats. I boil a kettle of water then pour it on and wait until it soaks up. They love it especially in the winter. I also put these out for the wild birds. Thank you for offering these!