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Our 2.5 lb GMO-Free Tasty Dried Mealworms are on sale! We need to clear them out!

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We just received a fresh batch our GMO-Free - Tasty Dried Mealworms! Yummy!

Upon receiving our fresh dried mealworms, we noticed a small hiccup with our 2.5 lb bags. 

Our bags were cut too big for the amount of weight they hold. 

Basically, we have a big bag holding 2.5 lb of dried mealworms.

While there is 2.5 lb of dried mealworms inside the bag, the bag is too big.... they're not shelf worthy :(

We need to clear our inventory of these!!

Pick up 2.5 lb of GMO-Free Tasty Dried Mealworms for $21.99!

That's 27% off the retail price! 

Sale ends 10/28/17 @ midnight

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