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Dried Mealworms

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Tasty Worms Dried Mealworms are a premium dried mealworm with superior taste and smell. Our special drying process seals in flavor of the mealworms without sacrificing nutrition.

Dried Mealworms are the perfect treat for bluebirds, chickens, ducks, sugar gliders, insectivorous wild birds and much more! 


100% Money Back Guarantee

Tasty Worms Dried Mealworms come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If your pets don't love them, return the unused portion for a full refund of the purchase price.


100% All Natural Dried Mealworms

Guaranteed Analysis

53% Protein, 28% Fat, 6% Fiber, 5% Moisture.

Was delivered just what i ordered. The worms work great.
Great product and fast shipping. Highly recommend. Oh and best prices I found anywhere.
Great for feeding bluebirds. Cost effective over live mealworms. Put some dried mealworms in a cup add hot tap water, wait 30 minutes and put in feeder.
Bluebirds and the young just eat them up.
I order the 11lb size of meal worms...always delivered fast and in great condition! That's why I keep coming back for more...
With these dried mealworms we can't keep the bluebirds away. They are also enjoyed by the woodpeckers and cardinals.
great product! fast shipping. blue birds and their babies love them!
Prompt delivery and high quality product. Very fresh. Birds love them. Ziplock bag is sturdy, keeping delicate worms intact, and prevents spillage. We are very satisfied with this product. It is superior to what is offered in stores.
Could not have received product any faster, price very reasonable, and choices of sizes very helpful.
My chickens love the worms. I especially like that I have them to offer during the cold months for extra protein and treats. Your service has been excellent each time I've ordered. Thank you. Evelyn Godown
The company is nothing but the best to deal with. Thanks Again
I don't actually eat them, but the chickens find them delicious. Always a prompt delivery.
this is my second order from you..i feed them to my Japanese quail and 2 red slider turtles. they last a long time because i only have 3 critters eating them and and stay fresh all the while. thanks!
My chickens love these! Customer service is excellent, I receive them quickly and well packaged.
Excellent product and always fast shipping. Our wild birds love the mealworms!
My girls LOVE Tasty Worms worms. It's the first thing they eat, and if I'd give them more they'd eat that, too...
My chickens love, love these mealworms. My girls are happy. Good price, fast delivery and I really like that this is a USA - Florida based company. I always try to buy local to support my state/nation's economy.
This is my 4th order from Tasty worms. Consistently fast service, very little breakage. Ordered from A....n and had lots of broken ones before. I think buying from the source is better, less handling. Thanks for a great product! My chickens love them.
I always love the prompt shipment as I can't keep these on hand for my girls (chickens). Thank you so much!
I purchase largest volume in the sealed bags, least expensive per pound. The neighborhood guineas (22) love them. I throw out scratch, wild bird seed and mealworms and the worms are always first to go. Good service, good price.
I'm going to have to speak on behalf of bluebirds as you wouldn't catch me dead eating them. However, pleased with the ease to order online, the fast delivery, and the thick, resealable bag the bugs come in. I have trained my bluebirds. When they see that bag, they fly down waiting for the worms. I can get about 18" away from them. They LOVE THEM!!! I will continue ordering from Tasty Worms when the bluebird babies arrive. THANK YOU!
I have been purchasing Mealworms from Tasty Worms for over 2 years, they have the best prices and quality I have found anywhere whether locally or on the web. The customer service gets an A+, they are always helpful and they ship promptly. I always have about 12 dishes in my yard for the birds and during the winter I can go through 5 lbs in 2 days when the Yellow Rumped Warblers are here. If you want to attract a wide range of Backyard birds including Blue Birds, Orioles, Warblers, Cardinals, Chickadees, Red Headed Woodpeckers and many more Tasty Worms Mealworms are a must. Happy Birding and thanks Tasty Worms!
Ordered this product several times and received fast shipping and the mealworms were in perfect condition. Will re-order again.

fast & easy to use on line. My order came very quickly. secure packaging for the tasty worms to store
My chickens love their mealworms!! Awesome product, great service! I will continue to buy from tasty worms:)
Great price and fast delivery. Will buy again!
The peacocks come running when they hear me shake the bag. These are high quality at a very good price. Fast shipping is always appreciated!
Thanks again for great product, great customer service and speedy delivery! Worms are appreciated by the flock more than ever during this bitter cold winter.
tail end of winter my chickens needed relief from being cooped up. The meal worms made them happy. When they are happy, I'm happy. Very good product, very good shipping. Glad to have a source to buy them from.
My wild birds love the dried mealworms!!
Your products are the best, your shipping is the fastest and your prices are outstanding! Thanks! My bluebirds and Carolina wrens love your mealworms!
Our Bluebirds love your mealworms. I also appreciate the fast delivery. I couldn't believe the fast response.
great quality and a good price. I buy these every time I need dried mealworms.
I was impressed by the size and condition of the worms. They were so perfect, they could have crawled away! Very few broken or damaged, and so large.
Excellent quality, fast shipping, and my chickens adore them!
The chickens love your worms!!
As always, excellent service, product as ordered, and it arrived very quickly. Couldn't be happier
Love this product, my chickens can't wait for worm time!
Our Chicks act like these worms are there Steak and Gravy. These worms have really spoiled them.
chicken's go crazy for these,it's funny to watch them when my wife walk's out to the coop with worm's
Your service is great and the blue birds love the meal worms
My chickens love dried mealworms. I buy them in bulk and keep them at all times for a treat. They come running when they see me coming.
Good and personal service
Great price and quick shipping! The birds love this!
Absolutely yummy! Especially good with a side of green leaf lettuce!
Brianna and Chris have the highest customer service standards and take great pains to make sure the mealworms and grubs arrive in Hawaii for me. The chickens get very upset when I run out, so I am so appreciative. Many thanks!
i am rating these for my chickens since i don't eat them myself: the girls love them more than any other snack - THEY LOVE THEM. the service is also excellent. i feel fortunate to find a dependable supply outlet.
My 4 hens come run/flying for their worms when they hear me grab the bag, so they must be good! I buy a few 2.5lb bags over the course of a year and Tasty Worms offers great prices and ships promptly.
My Chickens love these and when I want them to go into there Chicken coop I take a small plastic cup with about 1/2 inch of worms and shake it and they all run in to there coop where I toss the worms. The Customer service is very good
The dried mealworms are an excellent product at a competitive price. The winter birds appreciate these handout as a supplement to their regular foraging. Thanks again for the quick and timely delivery.
My 2 pet free-range chickin's (Bakin' and Yeggs) LOVE your mealworms and I love the price. Thank you...
Bakin and Yeggs (pet free range chickin's) LOVE your meal worms!!!
thanks again for great service and great product - happy chickens!
I am very satisfied with the meal worms I bought from Tasty Worms. My hens love them. They are packaged in sturdy bags and were shipped quickly.
Now our papillon loves them!
I am very pleased, my chickens love them and the order always arrives very quickly! Thank you! :)
This company is aLways ontime with their shipping, the quality of the worms are excellent, not crushed, they stay in tact from shipping (can you believe it) and I have NO complaints whatsoever. I would NOT go anywhere else to buy my worms.
Thank you!
Came on time and in great condition.
Tasty Worms consistently provides the best quality product for the best price! My ducks love them!
Very Happy with these treats. I mix these with a little sunflower seeds, etc and my chickens love them. Thank you
I bought these for my Sugar Glider. It was my first purchase. Although they didnt look to be any different than ones bought elsewhere, my Glider seems to enjoy them a lot more. They must differ in taste to her. I will continue to purchase Tastyworms from now on and I appreciate the quick service. Thank you
Great fast service. Thank you.
My girls love the product. Shipping is quick, product is awesome and can't ask for anything more. Thank you for the great goods!
these are the best!!!
Excellent product at an excellent price. The backyard birds LOVE these!

My only complaint would have to be the shipping packaging - the carton was nearly torn in half and crushed as if it had been run over. The bags of worms inside were undamaged thankfully but not because someone didn't try!
Very very happy with the product! The mealworms are huge! My chickens love them and will practically knock me down to get at them. Now if you would just dehydrate crickets and grasshoppers!
this is a great product -mealworms) and it is a much better price than buying it at the store(when they are available). The ducks and chicken LOVE them and run to us for some. Also, redbirds love them.
My chickens love these!
Excellent quality product. My girls run for this healthy treat and gobble it up!
Our chicks are crazy about your worms, they will even turn flips for them, And it's the best way to get them back in their cage at night time. Thanks for your fast service.
Good product; chickens love those worms. And love the quick service and free shipping.
Its like cocaine for birds is all I can say. We have around 200 guinea fowl and this year one of the clutches we raised was fed a little bit of meal worms each day. They LOVE them, and I honestly believe the nutrition the worms provided helped the keets grow faster. Now the keets are out on the farm doing their thing but when they see me outside they come running to me, not normal guinea behavior at all. These guys will jump into my hand, sit on my lap, even run across my head if I lay down in the grass - all to eat their Tasty Worms!!! I took a video today of the clutch clamoring all over me when I walked out with their treat bag, it is quite the sight.
Our neighbohood peacocks love the dried mealworms. We are visited several times a day by the flock. They even come running when they see us drive in from work. Such fun! These are great quality.
If my chickens had a fantasy it would be to eat roasted mealworms into oblivion. A Grand Buffet.
As I have written before Tasty Worms is an excellent product produced by a very efficient company. I will continue to shop here and encourage others to do the same.
Thanks for letting me know about the sale. It was just the push I needed to order more mealworms. The birds in our area, a large variety, love to spend time in our yard pecking and eating this treat. Thanks again from a loyal customer
Excellent product. I had no idea how many types of birds enjoy dried mealworms. Excellent shipping also. JMC
Excellent. I have been purchasing these for several years and the bluebirds love them. Great product and price. Fast shipping.
My ducks and goose love these - great product at a great price!
Great product at a great price. My backyard chickens have never been so spoiled! 8^)
My chickens love these! I have bought them live mealworms as well and they like these just as much (and they are less expensive), so I'll be buying only these from now on.
My chickens love these! I keep the mealworms in a jar and the chicks come running when they see it. It's a great way to supplement their diet with high-quality protein and fat. Good price, easy ordering, fast shipping. What's not to love?
Our bluebirds LOVE the mealworms -we are seeing more bluebird couples and are very happy that they are coming to our backyard. I love watching them!
Always the best service. Super fast shipping. The birds love them!
This is my first time trying out your meal worms. My girls are going nuts over them. They get all excited when they see me coming with a bowl of them. It's crossed my mind to munch on a few myself. LOL

My chickens LOVE these mealworms! So much so, they now come running when they see me come out (whether or not I have the mealworms in my hands!)! Thanks Tasty Worms!
My chickens are crazy for these mealworms and shaking the mealworm can is the one sure way I can call them in at night and have everyone run frantically to the roost to get their share of their bedtime treat. Tasty Worms have no dirt or debris mixed in -- there is no waste. The dried worms keep well in a covered plastic bucket, are far more aggravation-free than culturing live larvae, and the large bags are very economical.
Great worms (according to the chickens!), great value and great customer service! Thank you. It is a pleasure doing business with you.
Our duck, Guinness, gives it two wings up!
Bluebirds love these mealworms. (I soak them for 10-15 mins. in warm water) Great company to deal with that stands behind their products. Thank you.
I am very satisfied with my order. It arrived in a timely manner, and was exactly what I was expecting to receive. I will definitely make this same order again in the future.
Our backyard hens love these dried mealworms. They know when I am about to give them their treat and they literally jump to get them out of my hands! Great product! Great company!
Once again the people at Tasty Worms Nutrition have delivered an excellent product for my hens. They really enjoy the dried mealworms as a treat every day.
My chickens love them! Plus always great service and fast shipping.
I always order the 11 pound size of dried mealworms. The service is always excellent and quick. I recommend Tasty Worms to my friends with hens, and will continue to order from you.
All the birds in the backyard love them. The Catbirds and Carolina Wrens are supplementing their fledglings diets with them.
The chickens love these worms, and the delivery always comes quickly. Very happy with the service.
My birds love them! Best price I've found and so convenient to be able to order these online. Shipping is always fast!
As always, these folks have great product and ship quickly (so when you go - oh no, my hens are almost out of mealworms!!! you'll know you'll get them before the hens revolt!) Highly recommend Tastyworms!!!
Mealworms are my duck's treats! Tasty Worms is the absolute best! Fastest ship, and best price anywhere!!
Our chickens love this so much, they'll pass over fresh fruit, fresh corn and every other treat offered until they find every worm and devour it.
I bought these meal worms from Tasty Worms last year and it is the only food my blue birds will eat. As soon as they arrived back at the feeders this year, I order another supply. They are worth the money to be able to enjoy these beautiful birds.
They love the worms so much, that all I have to do is shake the bag, and they come running!!!! I give them as treats, and sometime I mix them into other grains. Yes, my chickens are spoiled.
I buy these for my flock of chickens. They LOVE them. The worms are a great source of protein for them. It's so fun to watch their antics--everything from flying across the yard when they see me with the worms to dancing for them and even jumping up to "catch" the flying worms when I toss the worms out to them. If you have chickens, you NEED Tasty Worms!
My chickens, turkeys and ducks love these mealworms! They all come running as soon as they hear the turn of the doorknob for me to go outside. They eat every last bit, there is no waste!
Our chickens LOVE the dried mealworms!!! They are sooo happy to get out of the coop in the morning and eat their worms. Thank you!
I can always count on Tasty Worms to deliver a high quality product in a timely manner, giving me the best value and quality available!
"Voted ""Best Scratch on the Internet"" by our discerning chickens. They'll do almost anything for mealworms. Some of the dried worms are large enough for me to feed to the chickens one mealworm at a time, which allows me to train the chickens to hand feeding.

Glad to have received the shipment in the four resealable bags. We use the small bag first, then refill it from the currently open larger bag. And it's nice that the bags are heavy plastic and well sealed. Before I could get to the unopened cardboard shipping box on the porch, a heavy thunderstorm turned the box into a sodden mess. Thankfully the plastic bags didn't leak a bit. "
Good amount for the price, but there seems to be a lot of shellings and dry husks that my birds completely ignore, leaving a good size pile that I have to throw out after every feeding. Otherwise, fantastic product for the cost!
The freeze-dried mealworms have been popular with the birds in my neighborhood, and I believe the word has gotten out. I started buying this product last year, and this year I have found an astonishing number of species fighting over these worms. They are eaten faster than any other food I provide. I have even seen the robins feeding these worms to their offspring. Ordering is easy, shipment is quick and the quality is always excellent. I'll be back!
My chickens go nuts over these things and it is so much more cost effective to buy through Tasty Worms. It is an easy buying experience and I am assured of quick processing and delivery.
Great value, and our blue birds love them!
They LOVE these! Come running when they see me, hoping to get more. I believe I could teach them to sing 3-part harmony using these dried mealworms. And thanks for your great service!
I am so satisfy with the quality of worms and of course with the price, to compare with other feed stores. My hens happy so do I.
"I often do not order the worms until the last minute, so I appreciate the prompt processing.

Bluebirds, Titmouse and Caroline Wrens love them.
I have more blue birds than ever because of your dried meal worms. Even the mockingbirds can't get enough. You now have a steady customer because of your good prices and fast shipping. Thank you!
we call it chicken "crack" they come running ....
Great job, Tasty Worms, and a great product! We have always wanted to dedicate one or two bird feeders for our avian friends with more carnivorous tastes, but dried mealworms were just too expensive locally. Bingo! Now, the bluebirds, warblers, wrens and phoebes have their own food supply without interference from the mobs of finches and other seed-eaters. I'm sitting twelve feet from that feeder now with a Yellow-rumped Warbler having breakfast. Thanks, Tasty Worms!
Once again, super fast shipment of a high quality product. My wild bluebirds, titmice, blue jays, nuthatches and robins love these dried mealworms. Thank you for such great service!
"I have always been very happy with my orders from Tasty Worms. No complaints, order arrives very quickly.

here is nothing negative I could say about this company and will continue to order from them.

Bluebirds love it.
"This is my second purchase, and again, I'm pleased with the quality. The only problem is, I should have purchased a larger size! (I have bought the 2.5 lbs, to test the quality. Next time MORE!)

My girls love the worms. I give them some every few days and it doesn't take long before they are all gone.
Ordered these several times and my chickens LOVE them! Fast shipping too.
great prices anf greater quality!
Delighted with my order! The worms LOOK quite tasty: big, fat, and whole. No broken or smashed product! The chicks, of course, have given them two thumbs up! Well, maybe not literally, but they would if they could! We'll be a repeat customer!
Great value
My chickens really enjoy these worms. They are a good value and the service is very good.
I recently bought a few packages of dried mealworms for my chickens. They tend to be quite expensive at the feed store and my chickens LOVE them with a passion. However, staying on budget is MY passion, so finding this company helped a lot. I will continue to order from them. My chickens (and my pocketbook) will be grateful.
Found an excellent price for mealworms so ordered three pounds. My chickens love them and they came fast an seem like an excellent product... :-)
Just as I expected. Well done.
"my chooks r hard to please

This is their number one nutritional snack"
It is definitely a bargin price and great quality. Worms that I bought else where were broken into small pieces.
As always, quick response & delivery. Fantastic product that my wild critters love year round! They also tore up the sample of grubs. May order both next time!
Makes great cookies when properly ground like flour.
Great product, great price!
Feed the worms to my chickens as a treat! They love them!
"The blue birds love these tastyworms. Juncos will feed on them when they are on the ground.

Only problemI've had, has been sealing the bags after I fill the feeder. The ziplock can be hard to seal."
"Excellent Value.

Quick Shipping.

What more could I ask for.

Thanks Tasty Worms."
Our five-pound ordered arrived in two 2.5 lb. zipper bags - just before another cold front and snow moved in to Atlanta. The birds were very happy to have some tasty worms and my husband and I counted 25+ birds at our bird feeders. We often have four bluebirds at one time. It looks like a scene from Disney's "Snow White," and that's not including the snow out there.
Glad that I found you. Love the price of Tasty Worms and my Chicken's eat them up. :)
Happy birds are birds that eat dried meal worms!
excellent service and product
Instead of waiting to the last minute (as usual) and buying enormously expensive worms at my local garden or bird store, I looked ahead (for once) and saw I would run out of mealworms for my bluebirds in a week or so. I found Tasty Worms online and couldn't resist the name. Good choice. Ordering was easy, choices were clear, and shipment arrived quickly. The worms are in good shape (i.e. not a lot of little pieces) and the bluebirds certainly love them.
Website is easy, shipping is fast.I've been buying here for a couple of years & never had a problem. Highly recommend!
That's a direct quote from my chickens!
I get these meal worms for treats for my chickens. They love them and are a great price!
"My birds love them, and if they keep eating them as fast as they have been I'll be taking out a mortgage to pay for them! Thanks for a great product!

We ordered Tasty Worms dried meal worms for the first time. They are great. The packaging was easy to use, the amount was appropriate and our hens really love them. We were treated well by staff and would recommend both the company and the product without reservation.
"I have been dealing with Tasty Worms for around 2 years. Because the Freeze Dried Mealworms come in assorted sizes, I can buy what I need. The wild birds & critters hover around our feeders non-stop! Its like being at a wildlife airport with the comings & goings of these well loved creatures.The products are packed well for shipping. Do not need refrigeration, so storing is easy!

I also use their Crested Gecko food. The product has kept my gecko's very healthy & prolific!

Thanks Tasty Worms!"
My chickens just love these They leap up to peck at the bag when I enter the coop to feed them. Thanks so much for a great product!
The tasty mealy worms are the best way to gather my hens from free ranging back to their pens. I just shake the container and here they come running from all directions - without fail.
Our 9 chickens love these mealworms. I've bought them at the local feed store in the past, but these are a great deal! Easy website, great communication about delivery and fast turnaround.
Great price, fast service & my chickens love them. Will buy again real soon
A little salt and peanut oil... yum!
I wanted to get something for our chickens that was protein rich but not a grain. They forage for worms and bugs during the spring and summer, but the worms and bugs are thin on the ground here now through winter. So....meal worms are the perfect solution. Thanks Tasty Worms for the quick ship and great product.
Great turnaround time, easy ordering and the birds love them!!!
The worms arrived in excellent condition. And the birds love them
My birds love them! Thanks!
No issues with the product, but the shipping could be expedited. Love the savings! Close to 50% from buying them at local farm stores.
Excellent product & top notch customer service if you ever run into a problem with a order. Highly recommend Tasty Worms....will definitely buy from them again!
I recently purchased 5 lbs. dried mealworms for the guinea hens at work. The birds love them. I'll be ordering more soon (I tend to spoil the birds with them). There are a few free-range chickens who also enjoy them.
Sparky Rascal. Calliope and Red were thrilled to have 5 pounds of dried mealworms arrive in such a timely manner, nicely packaged, and a good value. Chickens rock as does Tasty Worms Nutrition.
To round-up my chickens after they've been free ranging in my back yard is simple with these worms. I put a handful in a container, shake it and they drop everything and come running from all directions. They get their treats once they follow me into the pen. It works every time.
Gast friendly and reasonably priced.
Terrific. Good price. Fast shipment. Nice worms for two broods of bluebirds. The.
The birds that visit my yard love them!!!
The bluebirds love the dried mealworms. And when I accidentally ordered twice as much as needed, customer service fixed it immediately. Great service!!!
My birds are the happiest ones in the neighborbhood. I think other birds are hearing about the worms and are coming to my yard instead of the places they usiually go. :-)
Loved The Quality Of The Mealworms. Ill Be Ordering Again!
Received product as ordered quickly. Satisfied with entire process.
"Two 2.5 lb bags in a small box. I thought for sure the mealworms would be in teeny tiny pieces but they weren't!

Fantastic goodies for my hens, fast shipping and friendly people to work with.

I look forward to having a long relationship with your company.

Maria Hart"
"The mealworms are great quality and my birds love them, especially the beautiful blue birds

Thanks Tasty Worms for great product as well as price."
I placed my order and quickly received confirmation with attacking number. It arrived on time. I believe the price to be fair.
"I use these to feed ducks that live in our community pond.

The price is one of the lowest I have found, though I wish shipping and handling costs could be lowered. Additionally, I sure would like to buy these using my Amazon Prime account at the same price as the website price! I would give five stars at that point."
I am very satisfied ordering mealworms thru Tasty Worms Nutrition. They always arrive in great condition. It doesn't take long to receive them. I like ordering the 5 lb bags. They last me awhile. My bluebirds devour them and feed them to their young. Price wise is a lot better than buying in a retail store. Thank you, Fran N. Gregory
"The Bluebirds and others like them, I found them to dry for my taste, they need some kind of sauce.

I can't find a better price anywhere else.
The chickens & ducks love them! The shipment arrived in a timely manner & was in good shape.
The bluebirds that I want and all the other birds I don't want all give these worms that died for their pleasure two wings up!!
I have 2 guinea hens nesting and they only come off the nest once and they are so excited to get their mealworm treat, this is the second time I have ordered from this company and am very pleased with what I receive, shipping is fast and quality is top notch.
I love you guys.... Quick, direct, and a great company! I have never had to wait more than 3-5 days for delivery. The product is loved by all the wild critters visiting my feeders. Kudos to all of you at Tasty Worms!
Chopped the worms into bits and made suet.
very please and very fast shipping
Last year, I started feeding bluebirds using one of those stick on your window feeders. The bluebirds love your mealworms and visit the feeder multiple times each day. Great price and great product.
The Bluebirds love these worms! They spent much of the recent snowstorm hanging out on the rail and feeder. So glad to have something to help them along. There are other birds that love them, but not as much as the Bluebirds do!
Best deals and product around
I would definitely purchase from them again!
Everything was great and came very fast, yal sure know how to make a chick happy. Great job i will defiantely only shop with yal.
I am always pleased with the service and products of Tasty Worms!
Fast service, excellent product. Put a cup of dried worms in hot water for 30 minutes to soften, drain and serve. Your birds will be back each day for more.
"That's what my chickens said. They are very happy with their new treats.

E-Z service & delivery, fair price. Thanx!"
My birds go crazy for them!!! Thank you Tasty Worms Nutrition!
Order filled quickly and quality of mealworms is extremely high. Birds and chickens are thrilled.
I have been well pleased for the past several years that I have ordered the meal worms from Tasty Worms,the product has always been in good condition and arrived in a timely fashion. I highly recommend this company and product to anyone that needs a dependable supply source.
My hens told me that they feel like they've died and gone to heaven when I scatter their mealyworms every morning. They jump for joy and peck the container when I walk into their run. Thank goodness I bought the 11#bag!
My chickens are over the moon happy with Tasty Worms when I turn them loose in the morning they beat me to the barn to get there morning snack of worms. I guarantee they are not going to let me leave before they have their treat. They have never been this friendly till I started giving them Tasty Worms.
As long as I have ducks, I cannot imagine being without mealworms for them! I buy in bulk and repack in smaller containers and the ducks squeel when I reach for their favorite treat! Super quick ship!
Early to Oder, packed well, arrived quickly, the girls love them. What more can I ask.
i am satisfied, like live worms better though.
Great value
good value, quick delivery, no problems
We have 6 hens who absolutely love these worms. This 11 pound bag is such a good deal. We had been purchasing these in the 10 ounce jar from Tractor Supply for $10 per jar and had to buy at least 2 jars each week. We will order again before we run out.
The mealworms provided by Tasty Worms Nutrition are excellent quality and priced reasonably. I provide a few handfuls of worms each day to my chickens as a protein source. The 11 lb bag will last me 6 to 8 weeks which I use to feed 18 chickens. I'll give Tasty Worms a big thumbs up for their product and service.
Awesome product, price and delivery! My chickens are in heaven eating their mealy worms!
Chickens clucking for Joy!
"We are happy with the quality of the mealworms. Our chickens go crazy about it!

Thank you!"
A+A+A+ Got my worms in good shape. My chickens love them! Thanks!
Thanks to your tasty mealworms! I trained them as little chicks to come to me by feeding them meal worms. Their "wild" mother is the biggest fan of all though.
I am very satisfied with my purchase of the dried meal worms. My Hens love them. Working with Tasty Worms Nutrition is a great thing. The company is always punctual, their prices are the best, and I really like that they are an American made and grown company.
My chickens go nuts for this! Excellent quality and quick shipping and delivery. Highly recommended !!
No problems so far, good price and my chickens love their worms!

great value and my chickens love them!
Bluebirds, cardinals, and Carolina Wrens swarm my feeder for these fat whole worms. Tasty Worms are a great product and the company has always made buying a pleasure.
This is the second time I am buying the mealworms, and they are still the best deal around. Will be buying again next year.
My hens love this treat. To relieve boredom I scatter the dried mealworms in the grass. They also like to eat from the bucket or my hand! Ah! Life is good :)
These dried meal worms are the best quality and priceI've used. They smell like toasted nuts, and, I guess they must taste great because all sorts of birds come to my house to eat them. I feed them to my 12 year old rescued, blind Starling because he loves them and he doesn't have to see to find them. So, thanks so much for offering this great product!
The worm quality is good; they arrive mostly intact and with a "clean" smell. There is no dust and very little worm breakage.
I have been very pleased with the quality of the wormsI've received and especially happy with the speedy good service of Tasty Worms company.
Our birds absolutely love the dried meal worms and the 11-lb package is a great deal. We use as a treat for our turkeys, peacocks, guinea fowl, and chickens, on occasion the cows or dogs will sneak one, too! A favorite on our little farm.
Allison V.
Really good and cheaper than most places. Seemed like a lot compared to some other places we've ordered from. Will order again.
My chickens love their worms. They sing, chatter, and scream for More. This is a great product and so convenient to have delivered to the door. All the chicken mamas that I know hear my positive recommendation .
Dried Meal Worms are terribly expensive when bought at local feed stores. Since my hens are spoiled babies and these are their version of chicken crack! They come running when they see me with the container. I am thrilled to have found an 11 lb bag of meal worms that are reasonably priced. Thank you for offering this and please don't ever stop!
Working with this company is a pleasure.
great pricing, quick shipping
very fast service and what I wanted for my Bluebirds
I love this deal! Delivery is quick. Most of all, my blue birds love them! The price is great compared to buying at local supply store. My business will stay here.
I love this deal! Delivery is quick. Most of all, my blue birds love them! The price is great compared to buying at local supply store. My business will stay here.
My chickens go nuts for these worms! No need to purchase anywhere else! Good value for the dollar and quick delivery.
These are great! The price is right, they're dried so last for months and months. The Girls look forward to their special protein treat, especially now with the weather turning colder. I'm so glad I found this deal!
The delivery was fast and the chicken love them
My backyard birds LOVE these worms. I've even been able to train the mocking birds to come for them when I whistle.
Great value, great service!
I highly recommend Tasty Worms for your mealworms. Tasty Worms offer quality mealworms at a very good price. I find that the dried mealworms are much easier to use than the live ones. I have not had much success keeping live worms. The 11 lbs lasted almost two months of feeding 12 hens twice a day. Mealworms are my hens favorite treat.
The ladies LOVE these tasty treats! Delivered promptly and in excellent condition. THANKS!
"I think this was my 5th or 6th purchase of 11 lbs. The quality is consistent. The handling and shipping is very good and the packaging is sufficient. My chickens love them. The price is competitive.

I will continue to purchase these worms from Tasty Worms.

thank you

peter k"
Tasty Worms is my only supplier of mealworms for my hungry hens. Low cost, high value mealworms. Thank you Tasty Worms.
"Love the price and the amount and all my chickens and turkeys say YUMMY!

Thanks again, Tasty Worms!"
It was impressive to open that box and see all those worms that my ducks love! Best price and quick ship!!
my girls love the dried mealworms and I love giving it to them because I fell it is full of goodness that ends up their eggs and then I benefit in the end. I buy the 11 pound bag that seems to last a long time and is the best buy for the money and quantity, great product, thanks
My chicks go crazy over these treats. Glad we purchased the larger quantity which is much less expensive than that of any of the pet stores.
The worms arrived quickly and the chickens absolutely love them. Thanks for the great customer service.
Quality is consistently great & website is easy to use. My chickens love these worms. I live in the desert so these are a real treat.
"The girls love the mealworms they are fresh and intact .They recognize the packet and come running. flying and screaching with delight for their treat. A great way to lure them back into the coop.

Buying large quantities is the answer. It lasts months. One last comment I have not had the time to check the count , looks like there could be a few more worms than stated."
Haveing tasty worms for a snack makes rounding them up much easier. I purchased a chicken snack ball that I can fill with these and they push it around picking up the worms as they drop out...fun to watch!
Our hens just love these meal worms. Better egg yield so we are all happy! Thanks! Vicki - Metairie, LA
I have been giving my flock of chickens Tasty Worms as a good source of protein since they are not free ranging to get enough naturally. My "girls" LOVE the freeze dried mealworms and start my day off squawking until they get their wormy breakfast. This is the fouth or fifth time I have ordered Tasty Worms and have been satisfied with the quality and shipping each time.
doesnt last long enough just shake the container and the birds come running
So glad to find the deals on these 11lb bags! Perfect for our small homestead with over 100 birds including peafowl, guinea fowl, chickens and turkeys. Love that they are a local company with amazing prices. We were spending over 400$ a month on worms until we found your company.
176,000....glad I don't have to count them! I was very pleased with my order and how quickly it was processed and sent. As always!
We've ordered dried mealworms from Tasty Worms many times. They have the best prices, items arrive in great shape and their website makes it very easy to navigate and order. Will continue to shop from them!
"Our girls absolutely love these worms!

We add them to their ""sundaes""--yogurt, olive oil, flax seed, iceberg lettuce and worms!

Also works great for bribing them into the coop in the early evening before they are ready to call it a night on their own... "
My duck Max absolutely loves these worms! She practically inhales them. This was a great value. I would only suggest packing in smaller bags for easier use.
After searching for a company that looked reputable online I purchased from you. Billing, shipping and product were all as I expected. Will be ordering again soon. Hungry babies love them. Thanks
wish it would last longer....very expensive
Good quality, fast service. Not much else to say! 5/5 Would buy again.
I buy these worms for my many backyard birds and for my Koi. I always get a really quality product and that makes all of us happy.
I love Tasty Worms' products and services. And my duck and rooster do too!
We get these for our chickens. They are addicted to them. They hear the bag and come running, jumping at us to get them.
This is the best supplier of quality and quantity freeze dried medium sized meal worms. I should know, I rescued a starling (Star) 13 years ago. Since that time, I have become a connoisseur for worms. These smell like roasted nuts, are crisp, keep well, and are very appealing to my starling, but also all of the insect eating song birds in my garden. They are so much more pleasant to use than live worms, and my bird friends seem to love them just as much. There are many baby birds in my yard who are growing and thriving because I share Star's worms with them.
Our chickens love them and they arrived in a timely manner. They are far less expensive than those available in my local feed store.
I am a repeat customer and will make Tast Worms Nutrition the place that I buy my mealworms! Best Prices. Prompt Service. Why go anywhere else?
They must be delicious, because our chickens run a sprint across the yard when they see me with the bright yellow bucket that we keep the mealworms in.
This is the best price I found on bulk dried mealworms. I feed them to my hens everyday as part of a whole foods diet--they love them. The worms are always shipped fast, packed well, and in good shape when they arrive.I've ordered at least 5 times from this company, with no problems.
"I have ordered from Tasty Worms several times. The product is excellent, the price is great and the shipping is very fast. My chickens really love Tasty Worms. David Emery, Hilliard, Florida."
my birds love them. they love them so much that the worms do not last long . i only wish they were not so expensive,but i pay it because my birds come when i shake the jar. it is fun to watch how quick the birds eat every last worm so quickly.
Love it
My hens love the Tasty Worms plus ordering on line is so much easier on the "Chicken Mama" than going to the local feed store for replacement worms.
For the past several years I have purchased bulk Mealworms to feed our flock of blue birds and others year round. I have been well pleased with the quality, service and dependability of this company and it's product. I highly recommend this company to those looking for superior products!
Tasty worms has made training suburban chickens easy. They are great. Max
Great prices, would cost me over $270 if bought locally. Delivery was prompt and the worms are loved by my backyard birds. I will continue to purchase from Tasty Worms.
Fast delivery. Quality meal worm.
Whole worms, not pieces, and our birds love them! Great price and they arrived quickly. If we were birds, we'd be singing, too!
Great service. great price.

i have always had good luck with the worms showing up in about a week, i have several kinds of fowl and this is there treats, if i was to buy these at my local store this bag would cost me about 557.89 a bag . not to mention i would have to drive there to get them. this way right to me.
Not sure (first hand) if they are tasty, but my chickens seem to think so.
My ducks really enjoyed this product. Would definitely buy again!
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