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Tasty Grubs is the leading chicken and duck food that can be purchased online at an affordable price. Tasty Worms is the most trusted Black Soldier Fly Larvae available online, you have to make a purchase to try it! We like to make you, our customer, and your animals happy. If you aren’t sure about our product because your chickens or ducks haven’t tried it, rest assured that you won't be wasting your money because we offer all money back guarantee. 

We grow all of our products in the United States. In fact, you won’t be able to find another U.S. grown, single origin, dried insect available in bulk at this price range anywhere online. Tasty Worms understands that you need to feed your animals in order to feed your family, which means, you NEED Tasty Grubs. Additionally, we’ve had multiple customers give us raving reviews and feedback that states that the Tasty Grubs actually made their chicken’s and duck’s eggs taste better.

Enjoy buying online from Tasty Worms knowing that your small batch, single origin Tasty Grubs are produced with care and in small quantities when you need it. Order your Tasty Grubs today!

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