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For returning customers of Tasty Worms we know this is a bit of a shock. For security reasons we have chosen NOT to chance exposing your information by moving it around the web. IF you are a returning customer you will need to set up a new password. Go here  and in the right panel click on Forgot Password, enter your email address. Head back to your email to follow the link back to enter the auto generated password. Once you are re-registered please change your password   All returning customers will be entered into the drawing for a 5pound bag of Tasty Worms Dried Meal Worms!


Why buy your Worms, BSFL and Water Crystals from

Because like you, we only want the best. The old saying of you get what you pay for is even more important today. With so many unknown sources we don't like taking that risk with our pets and animals either. We have the resources to confirm the quality of what we are offering. You can depend on us to maintain those relationships with our partners to insure every product is of the highest quality every time. We know you want a dependable source. is that source

"I know they are the best products — because I actually use my own products for our flock of Muscovy. The flock is happy and healthy and enjoy their treats!"

M. Chenkin - Founding Member

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