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Dried Mealworms

David Flushing on Feb 17th 2019

A high quality product and far fresher than other brands we have purchased. The bluebirds also notice that as they fight over access while I'm still filling their feeder. Quality at a fair price with fast service is just hard to beat.

Tastyworms a Great Product

Mike on Jan 24th 2019

I have fed my bluebirds with this product for many years. My bluebirds love them. I used a different brand once, I will not divulge the name, because they were couple of dollars cheaper. They became molded before I was halfway through the bag. This has never been an issue with Tastyworms! This is a super reliable, quality product and as a bluebird keeper for over 25 years recommend it in the highest.

perfect product

Louis Mendonsa on Jul 19th 2018

We have been ordering Tasty Worms for several years and have found them to be a perfect food for our chickens when we had them and now for our carnivorous wild bird population at our new home.

Repeat customer

Duncan Fraser on May 29th 2018

We are repeat customers because this is a great product with a great company behind it. Great service all around. Our chicks love them too!

Yummy Worms.

dawn gallo on May 25th 2018

These worms are very popular with many birds in my yard. I bought them for the Eastern Bluebirds who raise families yearly in my nesting boxes. I would be happier if they came from America,but I guess that's just they way it is. The order comes promptly within two days of ordering.

Great- Does the Job

Elisabeth R on May 12th 2018

Birds seem to love it. Came quick, well packaged. Looks good to me and seems that the birds approve.

This is my only source!

Patrick Gartner on May 7th 2018

I bought these for the value and became a dedicated customer.


Linda K on Mar 21st 2018

The bluebirds just love the Tastyworms! I have tried other mealworms, but they wouldn't eat them; that's why I now never buy any mealworms but Tastyworms. It is a great product!