About our company

Tasty Worms Nutrition is a small family owned and operated business founded by Christopher and Heather Bosdal in order to help support their growing bat rehabilitation effort in Central Florida. A little known fact about insectivorous bats is that they can eat their own weight in insects per night. Depending on the size of the bats and insects, this number can be as high as 3,000. This quickly became a problem when we had several guests at once. We couldn't order dried mealworms fast enough! 

Tasty Worms Nutrition is dedicated to providing premium products for exotic pet owners, wildlife rehabilitators and urban farmers.

We aim to provide a wide variety of live exotic pet foods, prepackaged foods, as well as high quality accessories. Please let us know if you're interested in having us carry a particular product or food. We'd love to hear from you.

We hope you will give our products a try and buy mealworms and/or black soldier fly larvae that are perfect for your animals. We are sure you will be happy with their quality.

Thank you,

Christopher & Heather