Are your Dried Mealworms Imported from China?

Apr 19th 2016

Our mealworms are from China, however not all mealworms from China are created equal. Our mealworms are all natural, fed only vegetables and grain, and do not contain dangerous additives such as formaldehyde or melamine. Our products are regularly inspected by the FDA, USDA, US Fish and Wildlife and US Customers.  However, in addition to these exams Tasty Worms are tested for bacterial counts and salmonella to further ensure safety.  

We understand the concerns our customers have with Chinese products. Which is why we created Tasty Grubs which is a nutritionally superior food to Dried Mealworms and is 100% produced here in the USA by our company. Nutritional information, as well as details of the production can be found at the free sample link below.  Chickens, ducks, quail, sugar gliders, and insectivorous animals of all sorts go nuts over them!

Please try a free bag of our delicious Tasty Grubs Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae with free shipping for yourself!

Unfortunately all mass produced dried mealworms are produced in China. This includes not just our mealworms but those of our competitors. The best way to determine at a glance if a product is made in China is if it is sold in 11 lbs bags, this is a standard size overseas otherwise known as a 5 Kilogram bag. US made products are typically sold in multiples of 5 lbs instead of 5 kgs.

Regardless of our products origin, Tasty Worms Nutrition stands firmly behind the quality of all of our products.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee if your are disatisfied for any reason.