Feed Your Hedgehog Right This Holiday Season

Dec 10th 2015

Are you always feeding your little hedgehog dried mealworms because they’re inexpensive and easy to order? Now that it’s the holiday season have you been thinking about spoiling your little pet? If so, it may be time for you to order a food that your little hedgehog will love you more than ever before for.

Did you know that hedgehogs can be fed different types of food, like dried black soldier fly larvae? Even though you may get a little squeamish looking at this larvae, they’re truly a wonderful part of your hedgehog's diet. In fact, if they haven’t been a party of their eating cycle, now is the time to include it! Even though the Tasty Grubs Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae is a little more pricey, it’s for good reason.

We grow all of our fly larvae here in the United States, in Ohio to be exact. With US grown feed, you can rest assured that all of the larvae you’re feeding your hedgehog is produced in small batch production and in the same warehouse as the food stock we use, but don’t worry, this is normal! Because we don’t want your little one to be eating stale critters, we only produce our Tasty Grubs according to supply and demand, guaranteeing that you’ll get the most nutritious and freshest dried insect product possible.

The best part is that we have different amounts of fresh grub that you may need. We have 1lb, 5lbs, 10lbs, 20lbs and even bags as small as 8 ounces for you to choose from. If you have never purchased our dried black soldier fly larvae, don’t be shy! Contact us to order a sample to see if your little munchkin will enjoy eating black soldier fly larvae. Sometimes critters can be picky, which is why we provide samples for all of our customers to try out first! What are you waiting for? Order your hedgehog an insect they’ll be crazy about! Order a size of dried black soldier fly larvae that fits your needs now!