How To Rehydrate Dried Mealworms

Apr 10th 2016

Are your chickens, lizards, rodents and any other animals who love munching on crunchy mealworms getting a bit annoyed with the crunch? If so, we have the perfect solution for you: rehydrate your dried mealworms!

Rehydrate Your Dried Mealworms

It’s important to give your animals or insects the type of grub they enjoy eating. No animal or insect should have to eat something they don’t enjoy. So, if your pets are having issues with the dried mealworms you’ve purchased from Tasty Worms, it’s time to give them the solution they’ll appreciate: rehydrated dried mealworms.

How do you rehydrated dried mealworms?

  1. Take the amount of dried mealworms you’d like to rehydrate and place them in a bucket or other container that you don’t mind getting wet with mealworms.
  2. Grab a saucepan and bring a few cups of water to a boil. With your dried mealworms in the bottom of the bucket or container you’ve chosen to use, carefully pour the boiling water over the dried mealworms. Make sure you boil and add enough water to completely cover your mealworms. Don’t worry, the mealworms will float!
  3. Once your dried mealworms are now wet and floating in the bucket you’ve decided to use, leave them for 30 minutes or so. This amount of time is necessary for the dried mealworms to hydrate evenly; you may even notice that they have started to turn a pale color and bloat in size.
  4. Once 30 minutes have passed, your dried mealworms are ready to be fed to your animals; just make sure they’re not piping hot!

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