What’s in a Dried Mealworm?

May 10th 2016

Dried mealworms are a very common, if not the main source of food for many animals. Animals, such as ducks, chickens, resident birds, pigs, guinea pigs and many other household pets and wildlife near our homes deserve to eat the best food possible, and they love munching on dried mealworms.


Well, mealworms are filled with a nutritious amount of protein, fat, fiber and moisture which fills the bellies of many critters who love to munch on them. Although they are worms, they’re a very nutritious meal and give your resident birds, chickens, ducks and other household pets the nutrients needed to sustain a healthy and long-lasting life.

What’s in a mealworm?

Each pound of dried mealworms if filled with 53 percent of protein, 28 percent fat, 6 percent fiber and 5 percent moisture, but if you decide to rehydrate your dried mealworms, the moisture level with obviously increase.

Where are they from?

We receive all of our mealworms from China. They’re raised in China and we’re proud to say that they are 100 percent all natural and dried to perfection. When you receive your dried mealworms in the mail, you’ll enjoy opening a freshly sealed bag of mealworms with satisfying nutritional properties as well as a flavor your animals will crave over and over again.

Why feed my animals dried mealworms?

First off, they don’t need to be dried; you can choose to hydrate them easily with some boiling water and 30 minutes time. But regardless, they’re full of nutrients that birds and your other household pets can’t find elsewhere, especially ones kept in a cage, such as a guinea pig. Giving your animals dried mealworms will provide them with the opportunity to keep their health at its best, living a great and long-last life! In the end they’ll be getting all of the nutrients they need to sustain a healthy life.

Reach out to learn more!

To learn more about our dried mealworms, we invite you to read all about them on our product page. If you’d like to give your animals a free sample, please reach out to us!