It's our BIRTHDAY!!!!

Oct 5th 2018

It's our BIRTHDAY!!!!

Tasty Worms Nutrition is officially turning eight!


You guys, this is a huge accomplishment for an American small business! And it's all thanks to you, our wonderful supporters.

Tasty Worms started with three goals in mind:

1) Provide quality products

2) Outstanding customer service.

3) Give back to injured wildlife through our rehabilitation organization, City Bats Conservancy.

Today, we continue to accomplish all three!

We come from the animal health field, so we know the impact poor quality food and treats have on an animals health. We search for years to find a quality manufacturer of dried mealworms that met our stick standards. Now that we have them, we are keeping them. You will NEVER see us chasing the cheapest importer of dried mealworms to save a buck!

In 2013, we introduced our Tasty Grubs! We were the first to manufacture and sell a dried insect that was made exclusively in the USA! The dried black soldier fly larvae have come along way.


Last month, the FDA officially recommended dried black soldier fly larvae for feed in poultry. YAY!

The research concluded what our clients have been reporting for years. Dried black soldier fly larvae help with egg-laying hens during molting and egg production.

"Black Soldier Fly Larvae ingredients (meal, oil and whole larvae) provide an exciting nutrient option for laying hens with significant amounts of energy, protein, essential amino acids, fatty acids and minerals that support the hens' body weight, egg production and quality," - Dr. Patterson, Professor of Poultry Science at Penn State University.

And let's not forget about City Bats Conservancy. We have rescued, rehabbed and released hundreds of animals including gopher tortoises, bats, Virginia quail, even a raptor!


Thank you for helping us live our dream of being an American small business and for giving back to wildlife.

We truly appreciate you!

Brianna, Heather, and Chris.