What’s in a Dried Mealworm?

May 10th 2016

Dried mealworms are a very common, if not the main source of food for many animals. Animals, such as ducks, chickens, resident birds, pigs, guinea pigs and many other household pets and wildlife near … read more

How To Rehydrate Dried Mealworms

Apr 10th 2016

Are your chickens, lizards, rodents and any other animals who love munching on crunchy mealworms getting a bit annoyed with the crunch? If so, we have the perfect solution for you: rehydrate your drie … read more

The Mealworm Life Cycle

Nov 12th 2015

Mealworms are interesting creatures. For most of us, mealworms fit into the category of a creepy crawler that we want to avoid at all costs; however, we all will do anything for our pets. Because drie … read more