Tasty Grubs, A Natural Source of Amino Acids.

Nov 3rd 2017

Tasty Grubs, A Natural Source of Amino Acids.

You Guys, let's talk Tasty Grubs a minute.


The marvels black soldier fly larvae are becoming quite popular lately. There are numerous studies being conducted by universities on the many different uses for this little insect. Studies ranging from how they can increase egg production in poultry, replace chemicals in poultry and fowl feed, all the way to how they can feed the most famished people in the world.

Is a powerful little fly. But, we at have known this all along. 

One of the latest studies out of U.C. Davis is researching whether the black soldier fly larvae can naturally replace synthetic methionine, a synthetic amino acid. Farmers are allowed to add synthetic methionine to organic poultry feed to improve the birds’ health and egg production. But the National Organic Standards Board would like to look at natural, alternative options.

Enter the black soldier fly larvae. A natural source of methionine.

Why is Methionine important to chicken health?

Methionine is one of a handful of amino acids that contain sulfur, and sulfur is a major component of feathers. If your chicken is low on an amino acid, it's most likely methionine. A sufficient level of methionine is needed in their diet. A methionine deficiency would result in reduced growth and feather development.

Have you ever had a chicken eat feathers?

A chicken with a methionine deficient will tend to eat feathers as a way to satisfy a craving for this amino acid.They may even pull them from their own body.

We love the Tasty Grubs!!!