Tasty Grubs Frequently Asked Questions


Why are some of the larvae darker than others?

The colors of the larvae is due to the maturity of the larvae. The lighter ones are the younger larvae.  The dark ones are the most mature larvae, almost ready to enter the pupa phase.

Why does live Black Soldier Fly Larvae have lower fat content then dried larvae?

Most analysis done on the Black Fly Larvae are based on older larvaes. The younger/ lighter grubs have a higher fat content. As they mature they utilize their fat storage to increase their protein.  Tasty Grubs contains  a mixture of both younger and older larvae to balance out the ratio. This is also true for live larvae.

What is in the bag with the Larvae?

The Grubs are raised in grain . The extra content in the bag is small dried grain left over from the separation process. This is not harmful for animals to eat.

What types of animals can eat Tasty Grubs?

Tasty Grubs can be fed to any animal which is insectivorous or eats insects as part of its diet.  We have heard success stories from people feeding Tasty Grubs to livestock, such as Chickens and ducks, as well as reptiles such as bearded dragons, box turtles, and leopard geckos.  

Is this insect completely new to the market?

No.  In fact, this species has been sold for many years in its live form under many brand names, such as Calciworms, Reptiworms, Soldier Grubs and Phoenix worms.  A quick Google of any of these products will show the many benefits this larvae will provide to your pets.

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