Feeding and Care

Tasty Dried Mealworms Feeding and care instructions.

Tasty Worms Nutrition inc. dried insects a main source of protein and nutrition for many animals. From personal pets to wild birds, they all love to munch on dried mealworms, Tasty Grubs and Puffy Grubs whenever possible. Animals that are common household pets, such as chickens, reptiles, hedgehogs, fish (koi carp) and ducks love them, too!

For the finicky animals that prefer moist instead of dried insects.  Simply hydrate the products by;

Taking the amount of dried insect you’d like to hydrate and place them in a bucket or other container that you don’t mind getting wet with insects.

  1. Grab a saucepan and bring a few cups of water to a boil. With your dried insect in the bottom of the bucket or container that you’ve chosen to use, carefully pour the boiling water over the product. Make sure you boil and add enough water to completely cover your product. Don’t worry, they will float!

  2. Once your dried insects are wet and floating in the bucket you’ve decided to use, leave them for 30 minutes or so. This amount of time is necessary for the product to hydrate evenly; you may even notice that they have started to turn a pale color and bloat in size.

  3. Once 30 minutes have passed, your dried insects are ready to be fed to your animals; just make sure they’re not piping hot!

To ensure the freshness of your dried insects, store them how you would cereal. Keep them in a cool dry area and reseal after each use. Moving your them into an airtight container, will also keep your product fresh longer.

Condensation is your, enemy!  Avoid keeping any dried product in extreme heat or cold temperatures. As exposure to humidity and condensation will increase the chances of your product becoming moldy.

* Do NOT put them in the freezer.*

Keep in mind that dried mealworms and dried black soldier fly larvae is a food source for other insects, too.  To avoid insect infestation in your product, be sure to keep them in an airtight container or resealable bag. And always close after each use.