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Since 2013, Tasty Grubs Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae are the original and best BSFL proudly grown, harvested and prepared in the USA. There are many imitators, but few innovators.

Who Enjoys Tasty Grubs? Tasty Grubs are a great alternative to dried mealworms your omnivorous, carnivorous or insectivorous pets diet. Some of our best customers are Chickens, Ducks, Bearded Dragons, Turtles, Sugar Gliders, and many species of fish.

Why not give Tasty Grubs a try? If you don't like them, return the unused portion and we'll give you your money back!

Made in the USA Matters!

One of the biggest benefits of growing Tasty Grubs in the US is that your pets will often be eating Tasty Grubs within a few weeks of harvesting. You can't get the freshness Tasty Grubs offers from an imported product. Imported products are typically 90 days old by the time they reach the consumer.

Americans are eating healthier clean food and so should your pets! Tasty Grubs are a sustainable, clean product with no surprises. Here are just some of the clean eating credentials for Tasty Grubs: No GMO, No hormones, No antibiotics, No rendered animal by-products,

Tasty Grubs are Sustainable! We care about the environment!. Which is why we feed Tasty Grubs clean, pre-consumer human grade food products which would otherwise be destined for the landfill. The production of Tasty Grubs reduces the amount of edible food products which would end up in a landfill by many tons per year. The products which are fed to Tasty Grubs include day old bakery products, imperfect vegetables, and spent grains from breweries, grains that were not up to par.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed! We've all bought food or treats for our pets and they just didn't like it. If you're not happy with Tasty Grubs, simply return the unused portion to us at Tasty Worms Nutrition and we'll refund your original purchase price.

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