Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae are a high calcium feeder insect perfect for insectivorous amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, and mammals. Black Soldier Fly scientific name is Hermetia illucens and are commonly abbreviated as BSFL or BSF.  BSFL are for sale under many trade names including Phoenix worms, ReptiWorms and Calciworms.


Tasty Worms Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae are medium in size, measuring approximately one quarter inch to one half inch in length.  Younger larvae are white in color and they turn darker, eventually black as they age. Black colored larvae are the most mature, highest in calcium, and should be fed first to maximize nutrition and prevent pupation.


Black Soldier Fly can be fed as a treat, meal, or nutritional supplement to reptiles such as bearded dragons, chameleons, leopard gecko, fat tail gecko, and day gecko.  Mammals such as hamsters, rats, sugar gliders, and hedgehogs. Invertebrates such as tarantula. Any bird which enjoys insects as part of its diet will love BSFL, especially chickens and ducks.

We recommend feeding using tongs or by placing in a small dish to prevent escape.

If a larvae is allowed to complete pupation, it will hatch as an adult fly that resembles a wasp.  BSF are harmless, docile and unable to bite. Adult fly are safe to feed to pets and some even prefer them.  You may also use either BSFL or adults in compost bins to accelerate composting.


Shipping for live black soldier fly larvae is performed using USPS Priority Mail and is covered by a live arrival guarantee.  Someone must be available at the time of delivery to accept or retrieve the package, as delivery to a USPS lockbox during temperatures exceeding 85 degrees will likely be fatal to the BSFL.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review