Rehydrating Dried Mealworms

Jul 30th 2016

Dried mealworms are great to feed your pets. Whether you have chickens or any other type of domestic pet, rehydrated dried mealworms are great to feed animals, especially when water is scarce. Although you should always have plenty of water readily available for your animals, a great way to keep them even more hydrated is by rehydrating their dried mealworms before they munch on them!

To rehydrate your freeze dried mealworms:

  1. Place your dried mealworms in a container that you don’t mind getting wormy or wet.
  2. Let the hydrating begin! Bring a few cups of water to a boil in a pan on your stove. Once it starts bubbling, pour the water over the dried mealworms. You’ll want to add enough water so that all of the dried mealworms are covered evenly, you can expect them to float to the top.
  3. Leave the mealworms to sit in the water for at least 30 minutes. During this time, the dried mealworms will soak up as much water as possible. You’ll notice that they’re done once they swell in size and change to a pale color.
  4. Once the 30 minutes is up, your dried mealworms should be rehydrated and ready to serve! You may also know that they’re ready by picking one up and noticing that it’s flexible.

We hope that your domestic pets and birds enjoy their rehydrated mealworms! Let your animals eat like kings and queens, and spoil them with mealworms that they’ll love to munch on. Contact us online if you have any questions or concerns during your rehydrating process