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Black soldier fly larvae

John Felicetti on Jun 12th 2019

Love this product and believe it or not, I use it for reptiles. I own near hundreds of geckos and skink species and love this product for great protein in fast growth in babies development and even for female during breeding season. I tell lots of my customers to by this product. I will feed this whole to my older animals and grind up to make it fine and put into babies staple diet mixed in. Works great and growth for babies is just remarkable!


Salvatore on Nov 20th 2018

Can't say enough great things about the SOLDIER FLY'S! My chickens LOVE IT!

Great product and service!

Chicken Lover on Oct 30th 2018

Chickens love this product ! They come running from a far when I have a container of it. Plus the Tasty Worm Folks provide GREAT service. Could not be happier! THANKS folks!

Great Product

Jody Martin on Apr 12th 2018

Chickens and Duck always come running. A great source of protein for the egg laying diet. Also helps in putting the ducks away in the evening :)

Great product!

Feb 23rd 2018

Our ladies love these. Always fast shipping as well-thank you!

Chickens come running

Feb 12th 2018

When you go outside near chickens they all come running to you.


Feb 6th 2018

GREAT PRODUCT! Will order again.


Penny on Jan 29th 2018

Great quality. Shipped quickly. I bought the black soldier fly larvae thinking the ravens needed a bit more varied nutrition. They ate them at first, but now hold out for "higher value" items like dog food. However, the jays and other birds love them! Love that they are made in America. That is why I chose them.