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2 combs up!

Jan 7th 2018

Well, I've never tried them, but the girls always come running, when they see them in my hand. Am very happy to find worms that are made in America.

Makes My Happy Chickens Happier

Gary Sterne on Dec 8th 2017

My chickens love Tasty Grubs. They come running when they see me with a cup of them every afternoon.

Hens go NUTS for these!

Jenny on Oct 9th 2017

I was looking for mealworms for my hens and couldn't find any sourced in the US. We use our hens for eggs and are very careful what we feed them. In researching I found this company and their black fly larvae is made here in the US!!! Our hens see this bag coming a mile away and will jump on me just to get to them. The ratio of protein and calcium is perfect and we are so happy we found this product!

Great for Tropical Fish

Daniel Ogrizek on Aug 7th 2017

The solder fly grubs are great for tropical fish. High protein content. Just grind them up and sprinkle on the surface of the water.

Great Bribe!

Lisa on May 16th 2017

My girls love these. I usually use them to get them to do what I want - like go in the gated run after foraging. Works every time!

Happy Hens!

Kelli Revoir on Mar 2nd 2017

Glad I found these grubs! My chickens love them! So do the dogs! I have to make sure the dogs aren't around when I feed them Hahaha Good stuff!

Produced in USA

Linda Hamid on Oct 17th 2016

It's really hard to find high protein snacks (mealworms) that are not from China. The Black Soldier Fly larvae are produced in the USA. My birds love them and the extra protein has helped them get through molt

Chickens love them

Dan on Feb 23rd 2016

Our chickens love them, highly recommended